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Lessons are offered in both English and Western disciplines for riders of all ages and skill levels, beginner to advanced.

Today, people of all ages are enjoying horseback riding! Whether you are 6 or 60, you can learn to ride. If the student learns slowly and correctly on a well-behaved horse, the pleasure of riding will be greatly enhanced. Horseback riding will help the student gain confidence and learn responsibility.

At Flying Bella Rosa Farm, the student will learn to safely catch, lead, groom, saddle and bridle a horse as well as develop good riding skills. Instruction in either English or Western discipline is available. Classes for beginners are one hour long. After the student is able to catch, groom and saddle by themselves, or with little assistance, the lesson is then 45 minutes long, with the student having 15 minutes to groom and saddle. For example, if the student s lesson time is 5:00 pm, then the student arrives at 5:00 pm grooms, saddles and is ready to ride by 5:15 pm. The actual teaching begins at 5:15 pm and will end at 6:00 pm.


Private Beginner Lessons (one hour) $45.00

Private Lessons (45 minutes) $35.00

Semi-Private Lessons (45 minutes 2 riders) $30.00 each rider

Group Lessons (45 minutes no more than 4 riders) $25.00 each rider

Qualifications for Dorinda Burks:

Teaching Experience - 24 years

Riding Experience - 48 years

Training Experience - 39 years

Competition Riding - 47 years

1999 Texas ApHC Super Supporter

Appaloosa Youth World Show 1999 though2010

Producer of open horse shows since 1989


Registered Animal Technician (under grandfather clause) at Texas A&M

John Lyons Training Symposium 1988, 1989 & 1990

John Lyons Training Clinic 1992 and 1993

Richard Shrake Training Clinic 1993

Monte Foreman Horsemanship Clinic 1969

English Riding School at Dun Roamin Stables 1976 through 1978

Appaloosa Youth World Show 1999 though 2004

Dorinda has had the pleasure of instructing youth riders that have led the nation in various classes of the Appaloosa Horse Club. Several of her youth riders have won saddles, buckles, scholarships and high point awards at the Fort Worth Stock Show, San Antonio Stock Show, Houston Stock Show, regional ApHC horse clubs as well as those who placed at the national level in the Appaloosa Horse Club. Dorinda is also the proud instructor of many youth riders who were among the prestigious World Champions and Top 10 finalist at the Appaloosa Youth World Show from 1999 to 2010!

Dorinda is also the proud instructor of youth riders who were among the prestigious World Champions and Top 10 finalists at the Appaloosa Youth World Show from 1999 through 2010!

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